Facility Safety at Gill Ranch

Safety and environmental protection are the highest priorities for the operators of Gill Ranch Storage. They applied the highest standards for construction and operating procedures from the earliest planning stages through today’s daily activities.

Gill Ranch began receiving gas for storage in 2010. Gill Ranch, LLC, is proud of its facility, and the operators want California residents, as well as customers, to know about the steps taken regularly to protect both safety and the environment.

  • The permits under which Gill Ranch developed its storage facilities are stringent and based on years of regulatory and industry experience.
  • The most modern materials went into construction of the gas storage operations.
  • Gill Ranch operators monitor pressure levels 24/7, 365 days a year and also inspect equipment and facilities daily.
  • Operators sample for methane in shallow soils, and they review results with state regulators each quarter.
  • The company performs annual mechanical integrity tests to ensure the wells are performing safely.
  • Gill Ranch has established additional safety precautions in response to drought conditions in Central California that could contribute to earth movement. A wellhead stress relief program monitors ground movement which allows operators to plan for any changes in equipment.
  • A variety of state and local agencies routinely inspect Gill Ranch operations. These include:
    • The California Department of Conservation
    • The California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources
    • The San Joaquin Air Pollution District
    • Madera County
    • The California Division of State Lands, and
    • The California Public Utility Commission.
  • Gill Ranch is located 25 miles from the town of Fresno, the nearest population center.